Your Solution for All-on-4®️ Dental Implants in Marietta and Roswell

Tooth replacement is essential following tooth loss. Replace your missing teeth and restore your full tooth function with the all on four procedure at our Marietta and Roswell dental office.

Your All-on-4®️ dental implants cost less than the standard procedure that uses dental implants. Consider us your solution for affordable all on four in Marietta and Roswell.

Treatment with all on four implants can be completed faster as well. You will depart our dental office in Marietta and Roswell with a new set of permanent teeth the day of your appointment.

Your affordable All-on-4®️ treatment is secured by four implants that are placed at designated locations in your jaw. The procedure restores your full tooth function and smile.

Schedule your initial oral examination to discuss your tooth loss and receive details about tooth replacement with the affordable All-on4®️ dental implants solution in Marietta and Roswell.

What is Missing Teeth Replacement with All-on-4®️?

Replacing your teeth with the All-on-4®️ procedure is scientifically proven. Four dental implants are secured at specific points in your upper and/or lower jaw to replace all of your missing teeth with a permanent set of new teeth.

Your new arch of teeth rely on the security of dental implants. You will be able to chew and smile with confidence following the treatment.

One appointment is most often all that’s necessary for your All-on-4®️ procedure. Your treatment details and your goals are discussed during your initial examination and consultation.

Your All-on-4®️ Procedure in Three Steps


1-Oral examination

Your mouth is examined using a 3D scan. Your jawbone health and overall health are discussed along side your All-on-4®️ treatment details.

2-Sedation and placement of your implants

Available sedation will assist you with any anxiety or discomfort you might experience during your procedure. Your new teeth are secured to four implants to restore your tooth function following a period of rest and recovery.

3-Permanent teeth restoration

Your implants will adapt to your bone and gum tissue in the weeks following placement. After healing, your new set of teeth are attached to your dental implants and adjusted for fit, bite alignment, and comfort.

Meet the Doctor

Dr. Patel

Dr. Patel moved to Atlanta to begin his dental career after working his way up to clinical director for one of Atlanta’s largest dental offices, he opened the doors to his own practice in May of 2001 in Marietta. Here, he had a brand new vision and a mission for providing unparalleled customer service excellence.


Tooth replacement with all on four is minimally invasive and secure. Your tooth function is fully restored more quickly and at less cost than with a standard dental implant treatment.

View the video content. Discover how the all on four treatment restores your tooth function and smile.

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Schedule your initial oral examination to discuss your missing teeth and discover how the All-on-4®️ procedure can restore your tooth function and smile.

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All on 4®️  Cost


 Your All-on-4®️ Costs and Payment Options
Tooth replacement costs with dental implants can vary. The all on four treatment saves you time and costs compared with other tooth replacement options.

Payment Solutions for Your All-on-4®️ Treatment
Your oral examination will provide the details of tooth replacement including your costs. Payment options include cash, check, major credit cards, and long term financing via Lending Club.

A Health Investment
Your health should not be determined by affordability alone. Implant treatment with All-on-4®️ is a cost effective way to improve your oral health.

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Schedule your initial oral examination to discuss your missing teeth and discover how the All-on-4®️ procedure can restore your tooth function and smile.

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