What is Missing Teeth Replacement with All-on-4®️?

Replacing your teeth with the All-on-4®️ procedure is scientifically proven. Four dental implants are secured at specific points in your upper and/or lower jaw to replace all of your missing teeth with a permanent set of new teeth.

Your new arch of teeth rely on the security of dental implants. You  will be able to chew and smile with confidence following the treatment.

One appointment is most often all that’s necessary for your All-on-4®️ procedure. Your treatment details and your goals are discussed during your initial examination and consultation.

What Benefits Can You Expect from All-on-4®️?

Tooth loss is a risk to your oral health. Delaying tooth replacement increases your risks for bone and gum tissue loss and weakened tooth function.

You can experience tooth replacement in one day with the all on four procedure. Following your appointment you will be able to eat what you choose and smile confidently.



What Advantages Does All-on-4®️ Provide?

Your ability to chew, eat, and smile is affected by tooth loss. The all on four treatment uses the security of dental implants to restore your tooth function with a new set of natural looking, permanent teeth.

An implant is placed at four locations in your upper and/or lower jaw. This procedure requires less time and cost than a standard dental implant treatment.

All-on-4®️ Facts

The treatment protects your bone tissue and gum tissue from the erosion that’s common with dentures.

A single day is all that’s required for your procedure.

Your teeth are secured by dental implants and will not shift, move, or fall out.

Your confidence to eat, chew, and smile will increase after the treatment.


Schedule Your Consultation

Schedule your initial oral examination to discuss your missing teeth and discover how the All-on-4®️ procedure can restore your tooth function and smile.

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